About me

I grew up in Uruguay before pursuing my post-graduate studies in the United Kingdom. I live in Leicestershire with my wife and two children. I am a keen tennis player.

My current role is Dean of Learning and Teaching and Director of the Institute of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, University of Northampton. I am Professor of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education and a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I joined Northampton in September 2012. I previously worked at the universities of Kent, Manchester and Leicester in the UK, and at ORT Uruguay University in Montevideo.

My key role is to provide leadership in learning and teaching and learning innovation across all Faculties at the University of Northampton. I am responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of Northampton’s Learning and Teaching Plan, which includes a comprehensive, externally accredited staff development programme. I am also the strategic lead for the redesign of all programmes for active blended learning, in preparation for the University’s move to its new Waterside campus in the centre of Northampton. My research focuses on learning innovation, online pedagogy, course design in online environments, institutional capacity building and open practices.

Publications and further details. Twitter: @alejandroa

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