Learning, teaching and digital transformation at Northampton

The following sources have either informed the approach we’re taking in relation to learning and teaching and digital transformation at the University of Northampton, or are the result of our extensive discussions on those matters:

  1. This short video summarises our direction of travel in learning and teaching.
  2. This article by Scott Freeman and colleagues offers the results of a meta-study on active learning in STEM subjects.
  3. NUS’s Radical Interventions in T&L report.
  4. The NUS Student Experience Report.
  5. The following blog posts by Northampton’s Learning Technology Team: Getting Waterside Ready, Designing a flipped module in NILE (NILE is our virtual learning environment), and What is the flipped classroom.
  6. The Vice-Chancellor’s view on our new approaches to learning and teaching (video) – as part of his opening address to the 2015 Learning and Teaching Conference.
  7. 2015 Conference highlights.
  8. This this video by Adair Richards (TEDx).
  9. The Waterside Campus website.
  10. The Institute of Learning and Teaching in HE’s recently published papers (see bottom of this page).
  11. The Assessment and Feedback Portal.
  12. The Changemaker in the Curriculum Portal.
  13. Northampton’s approach to Quality Enhancement in learning and teaching.
  14. The learning enhancement and innovation fund – current and past funded projects.
  15. How we (re)design our courses: my own blog post on Carpe Diem and CAIeROs on Prof Gilly Salmon’s website.
  16. My own blog, covering a range of issues relevant to our approach.
  17. Northampton’s C@N-DO accredited CPD scheme.

Prof A. Armellini
2 August, 2015

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